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Dysderid spider

Observed: 14th November 2009 By: cp345cp345’s reputation in Invertebratescp345’s reputation in Invertebrates

The cephalothorax was dark reddish and the abdomen cream-coloured (much paler than it looks in the photo); reddish legs; about 15mm in length I think. Had come in through the window from the garden. A woodlouse hunter.(note: the colours in the photos are a bit misleading).

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heres enougher one

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what photos!

thanks squirrel, yes, that's what it looked like! - what fabulous photos you took!

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I'm confused!

I added a possible second identification above, of a Clubiona species, but I now think I'm wrong about that, and the original suggestion of Dysdera is correct. It's just that on many other photos of Dysdera I've seen, the long fangs at the front are really obvious, and I can't see them here.

However, I can't see these fangs on squirrel's picture either, although that one matches Dysdera in other respects (and I had previously agreed with squirrel's ID!).

So I think my suggestion of Clubiona is wrong, and should be ignored.

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no fangs

Martin thanks for your comment - I haven't been on site for a little while so have only just seen it.