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Observed: 13th November 2009 By: nicjcnicjc’s reputation in Fish
Stickleback tuckingmill cu

found in a cornish pond, huge belly, maybe laden with eggs, ?

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Im not an expert on

Im not an expert on freshwater fish, (much prefer the sea!) however towards the end of september I did a survey with a group of students in the stream at Swanvale nature reserve(Near Falmouth)and we found many three spined stickle backs in their bright breeding colours with a bright red belly, so it could be possible that they are developing eggs at this stage, the other possibility is a parasite infection however if it was that badly laden with parasites I would have though it would be near to death!

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thanks trudy, as a kid i remember catching pregnant sticklebacks (twerps i believe is the term !) and they were round and full bellied, not lumpy like this one. The pond was part of red river, so maybe was infected with parasites, but this one was swimming around well enough. Thanks for your help, nic

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Stickleback fish.

When i was young, and had the pleasure of messing about in pods and streams we were for ever catching sticklebacks, (three-spined) Now I have the luxery of adulthood and poking around in the village stream is more likely to get me socially shunned i wonder if these are still as common as they were in the late 1970's earl 1980's. This is the only identified stickleback i found on this site?