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Wasp in a ball

Observed: 16th November 2009 By: nicjcnicjc’s reputation in Invertebrates
Wasp in shell 2

Found this on the ground under an ash tree

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Can we have some idea of

Can we have some idea of size, please? And a description of the 'ball' (what it was made of, for example)?

The yellow bits look like 'gunk', interspaced with a number of discrete black objects.

Without some extra info, I would not conclude from the picture that it was an insect, or even an animal - I see no legs, no antennae, no obvious body sections. What made you conclude that it was an animal, an insect, and then a wasp?



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thanks everybody

yes i must agree, after consulting an orchardier friend.
i have partial sight and apologise for any misidentification.

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If you edit this entry and change it to a plant (rather than invertebrate) which is what I think it is most likely to be then possibly a plant expert will find it and be able to suggest an ID.

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Seeds rather than a wasp?

From a distance this imagine looks wasp-like. However, looking at the full size imagine the black segments appear to be seeds loosely held together by the yellow-orange material inside a shell or pod.

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Passion Fruit?

This looks like it might be a Passion fruit, the plant in my mother's garden has just fruited. I agree that it looks like seeds rather than a wasp.

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even having read that it is

even having read that it is probably a fruit ,its easy to see its wasplike form....i to have bad eyesight which can cause problems with identifications...thought the first set of comments a bit harsh...we cant all be "experts".even experts have made mistakes.

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To be honest when i looked at it originally i thought it was a wasp. But after closely looking at it i agree i dont think its a wasp. Maybe it is just some seeds?

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