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Lichen on Lilac tree

Observed: 12th February 2011 By: sarahjo
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Lichen on Lilac tree
Foliose Lichen

A variety of Lichen on a branch of a Lilac tree. There was widespread Lichen on this particular tree. The tree faces East.


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Common Orange Lichen

Hi Paul
Just had a look at the Encyclopedia link at the images of this Lichen and they are a lot more orange than the ones in my images, although it does look like this?! I wonder if it starts out green and turns orange or the environment it is in?

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Lichen colour

The lichen looks like it is rather damp and, when moist, the epidermis becomes slightly translucent, allowing the blue-green colour of the bacteria within to show through.

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Xanthoria parietina

The lobes of Xanthoria parietina are usually yellow but they can be greenish or greyish in shade.