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Great Tit (Parus major) possibly

Observed: 16th November 2009 By: madasyernanmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birds

Very difficult to see (sorry)but in the tree with House Sparrows and Blue Tits

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Looks more like a male house sparrow

Beak more finch like than the sharper insectivorous beak of a tit. No clear buish and yellowish clouring either.

Brownish head, grey-white cheeks and black bib suggest that this is a male to go with the female you published earlier


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House sparrow

Thats great. It is amazing how you experts can see things us amateurs cannot. Though i now recognise more birds than I did a month ago. Thank you.

Sam, Student.

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Why not change the name

Final check would be a grey cap on top of the head. Scientific name would be Passer domesticus.

I'm no expert, but sparrows are (or were) common around houses and farms.

Not sure about that online name that you are using - it scares old boys like me