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Chequered 10-spot

Observed: 31st May 2010 By: rimo
Bumblebee Conservation TrustUK Ladybird Survey
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The chequered form of the 10-spot ladybird

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When I am looking at previous

When I am looking at previous posts, the same ladybird seems to be in different colours, is that because they are of different stages of development of nymph or an adult varies in colour formation?


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Ladybirds are beetles, so

Ladybirds are beetles, so have complete metamorphosis (egg, larva, pupa, adult), and don't have nymphs - there are observations of larvae and pupae on here.

However, this species, along with a couple of other species (2-spot, cream-streaked, harlequin, & hieroglyphic ladybirds) have several differently-coloured forms - this species has 3, all of which can be seen here under 'other observations' - form bipustulatus (black with 2 red spots), form decempustulatus (as here, chequered black and red), and form decempunctata (orange with 10 black spots).

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Thank you for clearly

Thank you for clearly explaining.