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Bark beastie

Observed: 7th November 2009 By: miked
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This was about the size and shape of a beech bud and sticking out about chest height on a beech tree. I am assuming it is some kind of invertebrate inside as it was softish not hard like a bit of the tree.

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casebearer moth

This looks like the larval case of a micromoth. There is a group of tiny moths called casebearers whose larvae make themselves a protective case which they carry around with them. I suppose these are the terrestrial (land) equivalents of the aquatic caddis fly larvae you find in ponds and streams (the caddisflies aren't moths though, so this is a case (no pun intended!) of convergent evolution, whereby different lineages of animals have evolved similar features independently of each other). The adult moths are very small - between 5 and 25 millimetres long.


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Actually I seem to recall it

Actually I seem to recall it was rounded rather than angular in cross section.

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There seemed to be a distinct 'edge' on the left and right of the case in your photo, but if it was rouded then it is more likely to be one of the other Psychidae species.

I called it a case-bearer but that is not really the correct name ("case-bearer" tends to be used for family Coleophoridae), Psychidae are more usually known as bagworm moths.

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