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Tree with cork-like growth

Observed: 9th February 2011 By: wascally wabbitwascally wabbit’s reputation in Plants

Hi guys, first of all the tree identification - the buds are alternately arranged, purplish, and the twigs are very downy. I have a feeling it might be Wych Elm.
Secondly, it had a corky kind of growth on the twigs - I'm guessing this is a disease of some sort?

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'Korky' growth

Your photo reminded me of a photo I had seen in the book 'The Ever-changing Woodlands'. This is what was written: "In some species the bark laid down by the young tree quickly grows to build up a thick layer of corky tissue. On a young Dutch elm (a hybrid between the smooth-leaved elm and the wych elm) this corky tissue splits as the tree grows, forming corky 'wings' around the young shoots."