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Nettle-like seedling

Observed: 8th February 2011 By: wascally wabbitwascally wabbit’s reputation in Plants

Small seedling popped up recently in a hedgerow. It is green and dark-red, round-leaved and very hairy. It stung the skin a bit, and there's a chance it might just be a young nettle Urtica dioica.
Very difficult to ID anything so young, but it is possible that someone may have seen it before

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Should have said

I don't know what happened there as it was supposed to say commen nettle not just n


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I think you have coined -

an onomatopoeic name for this plant: at least for macho males who don't want to admit that being stung by one hurts.
"It think it's a common n-n-n-n-n-n-n!"