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Evernia prunastri?

Observed: 10th February 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Photo 2

Fungi and lichens are not an area I am familiar with. This took my attention because the 'leaves' were so big compared with lichens I have seen at other times. I looked in my guide books and the closest I can match it to is the one named. Is this correct? Photo 2, though not too sharp, is added to give an idea of scale.


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RH photo shows Evernia

RH photo shows Evernia prunastri, with what looks like a Physcia (either P. tenella or P. adscendens) to the right of it.

LH photo is of a different lichen - it might be a Parmelia, either P. sulcata or P. saxatilis but identifying wet lichens can be difficult!

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Thanks for taking a look and adding comments.
I didn't realise I had photos of two different lichens - just shows what a beginner I am in this area of wildlife.

Being able to put photos on this website and get help from others in identifying items is so useful.

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Many lichens look very similar

Many lichens look very similar but the more you look at them the better you'll get at noticing the (sometimes very subtle) differences.

What they are found on is very important as there are different species found on rocks and wood and this provides an important clue to identification.