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Large cased caddis

Observed: 10th February 2010 By: itsmealitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebratesitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebratesitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebrates
caddis fly 028
caddis fly 030
caddis fly 026

Large cased caddis 40mm overall length. Case of irregular bits of twig making lon untidy looking case.

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Use of simple caddis key

As author of it, please be very careful when matching case illustrations and species. A lot of case types like this are made by many speceis so that I juts used certain species as illustrations of a type of case not a particular species. Hydatophylax is possible but so is Halesus.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme

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The case is typical of

The case is typical of Halesus. But can't reliably ID on that

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