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Observed: 25th August 2010 By: GillyPopps

Small brown mouse with black stripe down centre of its back. Lives in hole under stones around my pond. Large round eyes.
Cannot decide if it is a wood mouse or field mouse. Can anybody help? Not sure of size.

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Field Mouse or Wood Mouse?

According to the outstanding illustrator of mammals, Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935): "The Wood Mouse, also known as the Field Mouse or Long-tailed Mouse, is subject to great variation in size and colour which has led modern naturalists to sub-divide it into many local varieties or sub-species.
The colour of the upper parts is a yellowish brown, brighter on the cheeks and along the lower part of the ribs, and shaded with blackish hairs which are most distinct about the back. This species is easily distinguished from the Common House the large prominent black eyes and much larger ears..."

The answer to your question seems to be - it is both.

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Wood mouse

I would agree with wood mouse but only on the basis of location - I can't distinguish between the two species without being able to see the neck/chest markings. The location of your other observation (in Derbyshire) was a bit more borderline.

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