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Pink shrimps

Observed: 10th February 2011 By: itsmealitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebratesitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebratesitsmeal’s reputation in Invertebrates
Gammerus pulex(male)
Gammerus pulex(female)

Small shrimps (mating when caught)in kick sample Larger one Approx 10mm smaller ? female 5mm When caught male on top holding female with legs Both were a steel grey colour when caught but turned pink in the gin I used to preserve them.I have been advised to kill all samples to be removed as the stream eventually enters Cardiff bay, which has the "killer Shrimp" Dikerogammarus villosus,this is to avoid further spread particularly in the case of poor ID

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I neglected to say I think this is G.pulex

Alan Edwards