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Britain's most aggressive bird?

Observed: 10th February 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in Birds
Britain's most aggressive bird?

This bird would get my vote as bully-boy of the bird world. They are so aggressive - at any time of year. I have even seen one showing aggression to an adult Canada Goose and, in spite of being twice the size of the coot, the goose retreated!

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My vote goes to the Robin as

My vote goes to the Robin as Britain's most aggressive bird (to other Robins that is).

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Robin maybe, but -

domestic geese take a bit of beating.
As a small child, we had an orchard through the gate at the bottom of the garden. The owner (of house and orchard) was quite happy for me to play in it. Unfortunately, the geese had not been consulted and had their own view, forcefully expressed, about this arrangement...

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Robin wins for me too.

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Great skua

Some years ago when I was in the Shetlands I was chased into the sea by a great skua which thought I was too close to its nest. It gets my vote!

David Attenborough had the same experience in his series Trials of Life.