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Limax flavus interlopers

Observed: 5th November 2010 By: vburton
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I got very excited when some hatchling slugs appeared in the tank were I keep tropical Emphysetes udzungwensis slugs but as they grew it became apparent they were Limax flavus, there must have been an egg clutch hidden in the compost :(

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True Limacus flavus!

It's good to see some 'real' Limacus flavus on here - so many turn out to be the Irish Yellow Slug, L. maculatus, which has much larger pale blotches (rather than small speckles which show beautifully on the mantle of some of these), and lacks the pale stripe along the keel (faint ridge down the middle of the back) which is just developing on the beast leaving at the left of the picture. Young L. maculatus are often blackish-green with pale blotches, not as pale and translucent as these.
Although L. maculatus used to be considered rare outside Ireland, photos on here suggest it may now be commoner than L. flavus.