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Observed: 20th May 2010 By: GillyPopps

Black beetle! Can anyone tell me what this is? Found on my doorstep.

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Unknown Black Beetle

Approx 4cm in length with mottled brown spots on top of black body.

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That's a big beetle - could you confirm that 4cm is right? If so, it'll narrow down the options!

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Pill Beetle

From the photos of the Pill Beetle this does look very similar although a bit blacker in colour. I didn't actually measure it on the day I saw it but know that it was well over 1" (roughly between 3-4 cm) as I recall. I have seen a picture of one on somebody's hand on this site and it was alot bigger than that.

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Byrrhus pilula

could someone possibly look at this observation as well to confirm or otherwise it is Byrrhus pilula. thanks

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definitely Byrrhus

Both this observation and the older one ( are definitely a species of the genus Byrrhus. They both look good for pilula which is also the most likely species but I can't be sure.