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Female Mallard?

Observed: 9th February 2011 By: George WGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in BirdsGeorge W’s reputation in Birds
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Saw this white duck with 2 Mallard males and 1 Mallard female. I assume it is a Mallard because, besides its body and beak shape, it behaved similar to the other 3 ducks (it did upend its tail like the others but I didn't catch the moment in the photos). I assume it is a female because and when the female Mallard followed one male when the males swam away from each other the white duck followed the other male.

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It is a male as shown by the

It is a male as shown by the curl above the base of the tail.



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Interesting! I posted a very similar picture wondering if the white duck was a Mallard. I saw my white ducks in Nottingham.

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They're all over.........

They're all over I think. I saw some whities on Tues in Bakewell.


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...Thanks for your tip on recognising a male Mallard.