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Observed: 16th November 2009 By: madasyernanmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birds

in my garden, would like some information please

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) interacts


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female house sparrow

I would go for female house sparrow. indication of a line behind the eye, white spot and chestnut colour on the wing and shape and colour of the beak.

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Thank you.

There were many in my garden this afternoon, making so much noise. Great fun.

Sam, Student.

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What did they sound like? One book describes House Sparrow as having "various short, cheery, cheeping, chirruping calls, prolonged in to song" - a bit too anthropomorphic, but they are basically a noisy lot whose outpourings fit with our idea of fun.

It does look like a hen sparrow.