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Distressed vole

Observed: 8th February 2011 By: lordrolordro’s reputation in Mammalslordro’s reputation in Mammals

Laboured breathing, eyes clamped shut. I felt that handling it would only exacerbate its' condition, so I didn't. It shuffled on the ground as I looked more closely, but it made no other movement. I photographed it for iSpot and left it. Checked back on it 5 minutes later. It was unchanged.

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Thank you, Syrphus, I'll go with Bank Vole.

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Bank vole

Longer tail than field vole (1/2 body length rather than 1/3), as well as reddish colour. Looks a bit skinny around the neck so probably weak from hunger/cold weather? Or just escaped from a predator and the worse for it?

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Thank you Syrphus; I'll go

Thank you Syrphus; I'll go with Bank Vole.