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Speckled woods in combat

Observed: 21st April 2009 By: Jonathan
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Speckled woods in combat?

I think this is two male speckled woods doing battle for territory, or is it a male and female? I took a video of the behaviour which is at
This is the best still I could capture from it. They were flying in the middle of a footpath with a hedge on one side and light shade from a street tree (a cherry) on the other.

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Amazing image

Amazing image

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likely to be males

Jeremy Thomas says "every passing insect is investigated. When this proves to be another male, he is fiercely attacked in an aerial skirmish in which both insects spiral around each other, bumping and clashing their wings as they ascend towards the canopy." A fantastic thing to see and photograph.

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Great. I should obviously

Great. I should obviously post the whole video on Youtube and link it.

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