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Sedum rosea - Roseroot 09-07-04 (2)
Sedum rosea - Roseroot 09-07-09 (1)

Grows from the side of a burn. I'm pretty sure about the identification of the second photo. The first photo was taken a few days earlier, in much the same place, and looks to me like the same plant, but it looks as though it's about to produce pink flowers, not yellow.

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The 'rose' in the name

The 'rose' in the name derives from the strong rose scent that comes from the flesh of the thick basal stems (strictly not the root). Just scrape a bit, and smell it.

In Scotland at least it is found either on the coast or on mountain rocks, both drying habitats (salt, wind, thin soils), the succulent leaves an adaptation to resist dessication. The same applies to Thrift (= Sea Pink).



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I'd have to be a rock-climber ...

... before I could get close enough to scrape it!