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Ichneumon Wasps?

Observed: 21st April 2010 By: yorkieyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ichneumon sp.4 IMG_3499ed
Ichneumon sp.5 IMG_4003ed
Ichneumon sp.6 IMG_4628ed
Ichneumon sp.7 IMG_5200ed
Ichneumon sp.8 IMG_5762ed
Ichneumon sp.9 IMG_5902ed
Ichneumon sp.10 IMG_5941ed
Ichneumon sp.11 IMG_6767ed
Ichneumon sp.12 IMG_6770ed
Ichneumon sp.13 IMG_6849ed
Ichneumon sp.1 IMG_1969ed
Ichneumon sp.2 IMG_2334ed
Ichneumon sp.3 IMG_3377ed

I saw these 13 species during 2010. I think they may all be Ichneumon wasp species but I'm not sure. I know Ichneumons are almost impossible to id to species level from photos, so didn't want to clutter the site by posting them all separately. I would welcome feedback through the "comments" section if any of these are not Ichneumons and I will post them again, separately, for individual identification.

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a couple ID'S

I have posted a few of these amazing wasps on the site and had a couple of ID'S on some that you have.I will have a look through my observation's and get the names,I recognise the one with the white bands on it.



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No. 2 is doing an excellent job of mimicking an ichneumon, but the nine antennal segments show it to be a sawfly. I suspect something in genus Tenthredo, possibly Tenthredo colon.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll post the sawfly separately.