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Venus family...?

Observed: 6th December 2010 By: Low Ri

Off white / pinkish solid circular bivalve 4.5cm L & W. Concentric ridges smooth or worn with some growth lines too? Discovered on rocky western coast of Anglesey between Porth Cwyfan & Aberffraw.

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Odd mismatch between the 1st

Odd mismatch between the 1st view & the wavy outline of the 2nd

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The mismatch may be significant but the teeth arrangement and Pallial Sinus are pure Dosinia. Separating exoleta from lupinus is not easy, even with such good pictures.
The picture on the right is strongly similar to D.exoleta.
I believe the wavy outline is the result of sea-wash-sand abrasion (wear) - I have a LOT of those!