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Observed: 8th February 2011 By: Low Ri

Pinkish solid around 2cm width & length, very prominent concentric ridges.

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Bivalve ID

For years the standard ID text has been "British Bivalve Seashells" by Norman Tebble. This is long out of print but can be bought on CD ROM from NHBS (http://www.nhbs.com/british_bivalve_seashells_tefno_145270.html)

The pictures in Heyward and Ryland are good and the keys clear.

Mike Kendall

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Hi all, thanks for your help!

Mike thanks very much for the tips on the field guides, I've been trying to use British Seashells by Paul Chambers, it's a nice book but the pictures are'nt great for ID and like Becky says the bivalves are very confusing. Thanks again!

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Field Guides

A lot of people, me included, find bivalves tricky. I don't have a mindset thats good at nuances of shape and I need good illustrations. A former colleague of mine used to use a 100+ year old text because that had the best pictures.
Its not made any easier because the approachable field guides, like Collins, miss out less common species and only consider characters for identification that are straightforward. On the other hand,the professional literature frightens people away bu using complex terms and describing anatomy thats difficult to see and even more difficult to photograph. Hayward and Ryland lies somewhere in the middle even though some chapters are more comprehensive and easier to follow than others than others.

Mike Kendall

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C.gallina is a Med. species.

Paula - I am interested in your assertion.
Look at my post here
I agree that this one may be Chamelea striatula because if the striated appearance. But C.gallina is well recorded in UK. Most books I have clearly state its presence.
Your HotLink is here http://naturalhistory.museumwales.ac.uk/britishbivalves/browserecord.php...
and here is gallina http://www.marlin.ac.uk/speciesinformation.php?speciesID=2952
oh so similar!