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Mysterious wormhole?

Observed: 8th February 2011 By: Palden

I've been examining these strangely large 'worm holes' in our garden - a large 11-acre wild garden in Cornwall. But yesterday I noticed a large green woodpecker with red brow mining the ground very specifically in some places. I'm wondering whether these holes are caused by him? Or are they a worm? Note dropping found 6in from hole, on second picture - might be relevant.

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I've seen ...

Green Woodpeckers digging into Ant Hills for food and they do leave a neat round beak shaped hole.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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This does not look "birdlike" no white uric acid component white adjacent to dropping looks like other white stones nearby.Whatever produced dropping, may have made holes but certainly could not crawl down one!

Alan Edwards

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I found..

my photos of the Ant Hill probings by a Green Woodpecker.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve