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Dead wren with tick

Observed: 4th February 2011 By: MarkG139

Dead wren found with a tick attached to its head. Was the tick responsible for its death?
I have a 'pet' robin which eats from my hand, it has had similar ticks attached on two occasions & I was concerned for the robin's wellbeing. Robin is currently tick free.

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commonly attach themselves to birds on their heads and near their eyes, presumably as this is where beaks have not been able to reach them. unsurprisingly, they are more common on ground-feeding birds, such as wrens. It probably isn't possible to know if a single tick would be fatal rather than just detrimental to the bird's health

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Your 'pet' Robin

Was interested in your entry and would love to read more (in a forum rather then here) on how long you have had your pet and how long it took to gain his/her trust and how you did it.

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Ticks, Wrens & Robins

Many thanks for the comments, identification & confirmations.
The EOL site is very interesting, I will certainly add that to my favorites.
George W: I will start a new thread on the 'birds' section of the forums to try to explain the taming of the Robin.