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Sympetrum fonscolombii - m - Houw Hoek

Observed: 5th January 2008 By: Peter Allen
British Dragonfly Society
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 Sympetrum fonscolombii - male

Note red veins in wings and pale pterostigmata. Larger than our other Sympetrum species.
Widespread across Africa and Europe; a regular immigrant to UK with temporary (probably) breeding colonies.

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South African website

Please note that there is a South African iSpot at where you are likely to get faster and more accurate identification of local species.

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Is this a new development -

Is this a new development - If so I hope that it works well for South Africans!

Perhaps it would be possible for a link to "Ispot" sites based in other countries to be added to the home page here (I doubt that many people will see comments like the above that have been added to older sightings).

I'm now going to take a look at the South African site to see if there are many dragonflies currently being posted - we don't see many in the UK at this time of year!

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Please do visit us: there are lots of Dragons and Damsels in need!
I dont know how many occur in both regions though?

You will need to do several searches though:

and the taxonomy search:

But our dictionary does not yet include invertebrates, so that this is only a small selection of what is there. And the common names dont work as they have funny names like Sprites and Skimmers and Droptails. My suggestion is that you use the Observations Thumbnails with an invertebrate filter to find them. I would be surprized if we had less than 100 Dragon/Damselfly records in iSpotZA

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Variation of common names

Variation of common names from country to country underlines the importance of using scientific names. I think these should precede vernaculars in iSpot ID.

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