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Herring Gull

Observed: 18th March 2010 By: BeckyWhitworthBeckyWhitworth’s reputation in BirdsBeckyWhitworth’s reputation in Birds
seagull in flight

took this during an air day and typically a gull flies past when the shutter goes. it makes a better picture but can anyone tell me which sort of gull it is.

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Great Black-backed Gull

The black on the upperwing can be seen clearly. In addition, the bird is an adult and, having pink rather than yellow legs, makes it likely to be a Great Black-backed Gull.

Beautifully composed shot!

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Upperwing and leg colour.

I deliberately didn't mention either of these because they aren't really much use in this ID.
The apparent upperpart colouration of gulls can vary depending on the lighting conditions (even just the angle of the light), and Lesser Black-backed Gulls of the intermedius race, which are common in Britain during the winter, can be as dark above as Great Black-backed Gulls.

The leg colour of adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls is brightest yellow during the summer, and can be a fleshy colour during the winter. This is not an adult though (the black band on the dull coloured bill, shows that it is still immature (probably 3rd winter if a LB-b, 3rd or 4th winter if a GB-b) - and in their 3rd winter Lesser Black-backed Gulls still have 'flesh coloured' legs.

We both agree that it is likely to be a Great Black-backed though!

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Upperwing and leg colour

Thanks for the advice, Roy.

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This picture is to feature on ITV weather tonight on the late bulletin.

Becky Whitworth

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ITV west i think

ITV west

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