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Observed: 1st November 2007 By: aw397aw397’s reputation in Invertebratesaw397’s reputation in Invertebrates

A shieldbug sitting on a rubbish bin next to the bus stop in Falkland, Fife.
Probably the start of my interest in Invertrebrates (the bus was 30 minutes late).
Checked the FSC Shieldbug guide for ID but they seem to come in various colourations.

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Birch Shieldbug

I gather that the Juniper Shieldbug has a brownish boomerang-shaped structure on each forewing. I don't see that here so I am going with Birch Shieldbug. Is this bug on a reflecting surface or am I seeing a second one underneath it? (magnified image)

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Birch Shieldbug

The shieldbug is on the silvery-metal surface that's on top of the rubbish bins (where you stub out the cigarettes).
Thanks for the ID and the clue with the boomerang. Much appreciated.