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Female Blackbird?

Observed: 6th February 2011 By: lynda07lynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birds

I think this is a female blackbird, seen in Rufford Park, but I've never noticed the females in my garden having such a mottled breast which is why I'm not 100% sure.

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Possibly -

one of last year's youngsters.

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I must admit it looked more

I must admit it looked more like a juvenile in my book but I assumed it was too late for that so thanks for your comment. Lynda


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Female Blackbirds are often quite mottled on their breast, like this. It is not indicative of age. I have a regular bird which I first caught and ringed 9 years ago, and it is patterned very much like this.

Young Blackbirds, born last year, will have moulted their body feathers into adult type during their post-juvenile moult, in late Summer and autumn. It is only on their wing and tail that they will retain any paler juvenile feathers.


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