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Mystery duck

Observed: 23rd January 2011 By: Cherryshannon
mystery duck on log
mystery duck

See photo with single bird.Group photo shows two of these ducks amongst the others, and is useful for observing their comparitive small size.

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duck fest

The photo on the left shows an amazing variety of exotic species! As well as the ringed teal there are chiloe wigeon, tufted ducks, shelducks a red-crested pochard and possibly a muscovy duck!

Bob Ford

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A good selection from all over the world!

2 Chiloe Wigeon + 2 Ringed Teal (South America), 2 Spot-billed Ducks (south east Asia), 2 Red-crested Pochard, 2 Tufted Duck + 2 Shelduck (Europe/Asia), 1 Northern Pintail (throughout northern Hemisphere), and what looks like it may be a Spotted Whistling Duck (Indonesia). The small white duck can't be identified from this photo.

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blue billed duck

I suspect this is just a descriptive term, not an attempt at identification. The shutterstock bird is certainly a ringed teal and Avibase ( doesn't list any alternative names.

Bob Ford

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Mystery duck......and the rest...

Thanks for observations. What an interesting pond to visit if you're ever on our lovely Isle of Wight.Will post more definitive pics of the 'maybes' next time I'm there. TA! Chez.