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Observed: 24th September 2009 By: sharpy321

My Father-in-law unearthed a pond in his back garden last April, dug it out,filled it with water and put in some weed from the local canal and park lake. The pond is now full of these fish ranging from 3cm - 5cm. We think they could be young Roach or Rudd?...

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Fish ID

Fin shapes suggest a member of the Carp family, possibly young common carp. Hard to tell with the photos, is there any indication of barbules on the mouth? Definitely not Roach or Rudd.

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Thanks for yr response.

Thanks for yr response. Sorry about photo quality. I have just spoken to in-laws and they said there is no evidence of Barbels yet. I don't know when fish Mature from fry. When I saw them last they appeared a blacky/bronze colour. Hope this helps.

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I have bred common goldfish

I have bred common goldfish and they are the same colour and shape as these fish until they change colour after 8 to 18 months .

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Thanks for your reply. The

Thanks for your reply. The weed was given to us by a work colleague and the pond was unknown to us. So there is every chance that it had Goldfish in.

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C Auratus

If no barbules are present then they are most likely C Aratus (Goldfish) as juvenile crucian carp have a black spot on the base of the tail which disappears with age. In C. Auratus this tail spot is never present. Hope this helps!