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Was this from a bird?

Observed: 5th February 2011 By: Lizziebits1

It was a flat bug type thing and immediately I thought it may be a 'louse' from a bird as we found a dying swift last year and this had similar on it. I am unable to find a picture to match and can't seem to find a word that will be picked up in the search option. It was brownish grey, not smooth and about the size of my little finger nail and oval-ish in shape. I was unable to get a photo.


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bird parasites

The insect on the dying swift may have been one of the flies in family Hippoboscidae, several of which are associated with birds. There are some images at:

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bird parasites

Swifts and swallows (and martins) carry a very heavy load of both flies and ticks. Any of these birds you find will have a number of them in its feathers. This is the down-side of having short beak and legs - great for aerodynamics but rubbish at getting unwanted visitors out of your feathers.

Bob Ford