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Dark Green Fritillary or Cardinal

Observed: 13th August 2009 By: Nature Watchers
Dark Green Fritillary or Cardinal?

Butterfly of the Fritillary family.

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I am not going to call this

I am not going to call this to species - it is either Dark Green or Small Pearl-bordered, and it is much easier to tell them apart from below. The only other frit you are likely to find is the Pearl-bordered. Cardinal is not British. Dark Green is indeed all over Scotland (except Shetland) and is the only large frit you will find in the north, where it is quite common. The pbf's are much smaller.



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Dark Green Fritillary

As the Cardinal is a European species, this can be ruled out. The photo most resembles a rather worn Dark Green Fritillary, and it can be found flying between June and September. My copy of the Pocket Guide to Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland,by Richard Lewington, published in 2003, shows that it has been recorded from Lands End to the top of Scotland. Although it has declined in parts of Central and Eastern England, it can be quite common where it occurs. The photo shows a female of this species, which has pale marginal spots on the wings.

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The black stripes on the

The black stripes on the inner half of the leading edge of the forewing are the easiest way to determine SPBs from DG - these are thick and fairly straight, so are DG.

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