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Has anyone tried getting one of these photobooks made, basically you can put your pictures and text together and get it printed as a book. Might be a good way of keeping all observations for a year or several years together and in an easily accessible place on the bookcase.
I am a slight enthusiast for this at the moment as I have only just had one done and not got the hardcopy back yet, see:
It was quite easy to do, just drag whatever pictures you want onto the page and add text (or not if you don't want text). I think its possible to automatically get this kind of thing done from some online photo sites too. Perhaps a 'nice to have' for ispot at some time in the future.
Note there are several different companies that make photobooks so if you are thinking about it don't only look at the particular company I used. Also check the type of binding, stitched type may last a lot longer than just glue.



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Your book is superb, thank you for sharing it.

Certificate in Contemporary Science (Open)

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thanks. will let you know

thanks. will let you know what it actually looks like in the flesh when it arrives.

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Mike - you must be very pleased

with the result, it looks a wonderful piece of work. Have you been compiling it for long? It's a lovely idea to do as an heirloom for your family too! I'd not come across this idea before, and as Janet has said, thank you for sharing it.

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Just took a few evenings to

Just took a few evenings to do. Now I'm thinking of all the things I missed out and want to add and its still not arrived yet. I am guessing that its printed in USA and shipped over here, current estimate is 15 feb. Just have to be patient. As I mentioned I sent it off as the software they supplied to do it started doing a few odd things such as inserting random pages, changing page order and crashed once or twice so was frightened of loosing everything i'd done so far.
Actually I suspect that if I had just kept an eye on the software then it would not have lost the whole project since I did back it up regularly. An alternative option would be to use a standard page layout bit of software which would hopefully not have these issues but then it can be a bit more tricky to convert the pages to something the photo book companies can deal with.

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hardcopy now arrived and

hardcopy now arrived and looks good, especially the cover photo and largish size (33cmx28cm). Printing looks good on the heavy weight paper, colour balance seems accurate and brightness of images generally correct. Other books of this kind from other manufacturers I have seen have somewhat washed out images with colour balance that is not quite correct.
The text itself is rather large, could not easily judge what size of text or font would look best until you see the hardcopy. Also the image captions don't work particularly well next to the images on the side as they vanish into the binding, the words are still all there but just have to flatten out the pages a bit to see them. Would have been better below the images.

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Just seen your book Mike, wonderfull images, and very well done.