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Observed: 12th January 2011 By: dpdp’s reputation in Plants
Tree ID
Tree ID Populus Poplar (nigra?)
Tree ID Populus Poplar (nigra?)
Tree ID Populus Poplar (nigra?)

Uncertain as to the identity. Big yellow leaves like poplar. Not fastigiate, has semi-spreading habit. Rough bark. Nodes with twigs/buds.

Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Black Poplar (Populus nigra) interacts


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An alternative way to identify this tree

The metel diindicates that the owner of the land on which that tree sits has had a list made of her/his trees. If you can find out who s/he is and ask her/him, s/he may let you have a copy of the list.

Such lists are helpful because they confirm what each tree is and allow you to study a particular tree and note things that differentiate it from other types of tree.

I have a list for the trees growing in the City of London Cemetery (they have over 100 different species - it's really an arboretum) and I find it invaluable.