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Large Green leafy insect

Observed: 2nd January 2011 By: jaggsnotts155

I'm not sure if this site is for UK only sightings, if so, huge apologies. This insect was in our bathroom on the island of Koh Kradan, on the Thai malaysia border. It stayed for 2 days, kind of grew used to it as it was quite endearing. Can anyone tell me what on earth it is??


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We're happy to have a go at

We're happy to have a go at non-UK sightings, although (speaking purely for myself), the chances of a species-level ID will be lower! Your sighting sounds like either a phasmid (stick- or leaf-insect) or a katydid (although there are also moths, etc, which could fit the description). However, we really need a photo to get any further!

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