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Round rock pools

Observed: 12th July 2009 By: rutterkin

The flat rock on the beach at Runswick bay is littered with these shallow round depressions. Each around 50cm or so across. Some are linked together, others are just a ring. Can anyone tell me how they form/formed?

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Limpet scars?

Do you mean 50mm? I thought these might be the scars left by limpets. The limpets sit tightly in these at low tide to prevent themselves drying out. After feeding during hide tide they return to their 'home'.

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Freaky! Get a picture of them

Freaky! Get a picture of them in a ring . i assumed they were formed the same way giants causeway was and have eroded away . that would mean a real hard rock surrounds it - else it mast be aliens! lol .interestin

john di

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In answer

Just to clarify -
* pools are quite large, can't remember how big as photos were taken a couple of years ago on holiday.

* By 'ring' i mean that the middle of some depressions is not eroded away and just the outer edge exists - like an 'o'

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yeah u got me ... anyone?

yeah u got me ... anyone?

john di

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Maybe they were where nodules

Maybe they were where nodules have weathered out of the shaly rock or been taken out. Apparently the shales around Runswick contain fossiliferous nodules. Maybe?

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the internet is a wonderful

the internet is a wonderful thing...

whatever a pillock is (dont think the option is on the revision list)

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A pillock is a person who

A pillock is a person who drills for oil in the wrong place... :) There's a similar phenomenon in a bay in Ireland, where hundreds of millstones have been carved from the granite, leaving very similar circular depressions

Record your ladybird sightings!

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Thank you.

I wondered if they may be man made - mystery solved The rockpool life seems to be enjoying them now.

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Nice! im happy it got

im happy it got answered , bit sad its another man made oil thirsting greedyguts gimmemore type thing... but hey ho
the positive thing made me realise once again - WE dont need oil barons half as much as they need us ! we really could do wiv out -
what we gonna do about it . some thing i hope!!?! :S

john di

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Round holes

This part of the coast is full of interesting industrial archaeology. These are probably linked to the ironstone works which used to be in Runswick Bay. Most probably something linked to the boats which were stranded at low tide, loaded then re-floated at high tide.

As I recall the episode of "Coast" which covered the Yorkshire coast had a piece about these holes and the tramlines carved in the shore.

Graham Banwell

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