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Observed: 3rd February 2011 By: mbf45mbf45’s reputation in Birdsmbf45’s reputation in Birdsmbf45’s reputation in Birds
Rook Head

A rather magnificant rook perched on a table by Copperhouse Pool in Hayle.

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Excellent shots -

You did well: they are very wary of anything that might just be a gun, and camera lenses make them very nervous.

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Thanks, I was really pleased

Thanks, I was really pleased with these shots and the rook was so co-operative. I was out trying to get to grips with my new camera having finally decided that the camera on my mobile phone just wasn't quite good enough!

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Magnificent Rook

Magnificent indeed: check out the sheen of the plumage! In the light of what is known about the extraordinary intelligence of all the Corvids they could be more highly valued than they often are. Do any other iSpot members out there have views about "SongBird Survival" and the quality of their evidence which they claim as justification for large scale trapping and killing of crows and their relatives? Pretty as the sound of bird song is there are other qualities to be valued in wild creatures.