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Unidentified beetle

Observed: 2nd February 2011 By: naughtymoosenaughtymoose’s reputation in Invertebratesnaughtymoose’s reputation in Invertebrates

Approx 3-4mm in length, 2-3mm across.
Found in the bathroom, where it had been seen a few weeks ago.

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Unidentified beetle

I don't have an illustration for Anthrenus scrophulariae but do have one for Anthrenus verbasci and also Trogoderma angustum and both of them could be in the running.

The book I looked into is 'Insects of Britain and Western Europe' by Michael Chinery ISBN: 9780713672398.


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Thanks for the id

I'm new to this, so thanks to Mike Coon for suggesting it, and Sally for an initial identification. Now that I have an identification, what do I do with him? Shall I 'Welease Woger' or send him for crucifiction? Is he a 'goody' or a 'baddie'? Are ther any other recording organisations that should be informed?


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Common Carpet Beetle

The "Common Carpet Beetle" Anthrenus scrophulariae is a rare beetle in Britain, despite the ?American? name.

Dermestidae identification page here:

Every house will have a few dermestids now and again unless your entire house is free of cobwebs and bird nests and you never open the windows. Don't worry unless you start finding lots.