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"Lucy" from Bedford museum

Observed: 2nd February 2011 By: AndyBanthorpe
Bedfordshire Moth Group
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lucy  side view with scale
lucy  head view with scale
lucy abdomen ventral view with scale

The label reads "Lucy lived in Bedford Museum from 6th Feb to 3rd Oct 1929". It is suspected that it is a species of locust? Any help with id or features to look for welcomed as it is a preserved dried specimen on cotton wool in a box.

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Egyptian Grasshopper

This circum-mediterranean species is sometimes introduced with produce. The striped eyes are diagnostic.

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Thanks for the id!

Thanks to Ophrys and Michael for identifying this for me - I was sure someone on iSpot would know which species it was.

Andy Banthorpe
Joint Macro-moth recorder for Bedfordshire, VC30

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"Lucy" from Bedford museum

The Egyptian Grasshopper features in the book by Evans and Edmondson*. The vertical bars down the eyes are mentioned and also three transverse bars across the pronotum - as shown in your images. If viewed from above there should also be a prominent central keel along the pronotum.

*A Photographic Guide to the Grasshoppers and Crickets of Britain and Ireland p.108

ISBN 978-0-9549506-1-3