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Observed: 12th October 2009 By: rupesyroorupesyroo’s reputation in Birds

very speckled winter plumage.

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Young starling

I think the brown colour indicates that this is a young bird. Does anyone know the reason why the bill is dark in winter, yellow in summer?

Abbey Burn
OU Student BSc Natural Sciences

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appears to be a juvenile, I have looked through my books etc and they all mention the beak changing colour, but no reason why.

Dave. Student FDa Conservation and Countryside Management.

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just a guess

Perhaps the yellow bill colour is part of birds breeding plumage or display. The bird in the photo is moulting between its juvenile and adult 1st winter plumage. (juvenile birds dont have the spots yet)

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Bill colour

You are right the bill colour is for breeding. They loose the colour in winter to avoid predation.

Graham Banwell

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