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Bird droppings

Observed: 31st December 2010 By: tiggerliz

found a 10m by 15m area next to our pond completely covered with these droppings(at times over an inch thick!) It was during the cold spell and pond still had some running water. Pond is in an orchard so could this be geese feeding on windfall apples? Droppings all over and beneath bird table which was some distance away near the house. Could it perhaps be starlings or are the droppings too big?

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texture and appearance of goose poo

but colour unusual and seem rather tidily placed ............! geese poo is dropped as they move yet these appear as if in a special zone, but perhaps it's an effect of being a small photo and we can't gauge the context. geese certainly produce prolific amounts of poo! bird droppings usually have white traces visible, the uric acid produced in a solid form as they don't urinate to excrete it