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Large yellow flowered plant

Observed: 7th July 2010 By: wmccauley
Merseyside BioBank
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tall plant over 1m. Buds, flowers, seed pods and leaves all directly attached to the stem.

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I'm pretty sure it is Evening

I'm pretty sure it is Evening Primrose.

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Certainly an Evening-primrose

Certainly an Evening-primrose but I don't think it is O. biennis. The stigma length would suggest O. glazioviana, though that species would usually have some red coloration on the sepals,

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Oenothera spp.

As Tiggrx says, certainly an Oenothera, but not I think O. biennis. Does heve the general look of O. glaziovana but the details are wrong. But, Oenothera are rather difficult in the flesh so to speak. Very tricky from a photograph. They have the most peculiar breeding system!

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Oenothera sp

As above definitely Evening primrose but most likely O. glaziovana due to length of stigma in relation in relation to petals

Dawn Nelson