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Wagtail or wader ?

Observed: 19th January 2011 By: shakesmyteeth
wagtail or wader ?

This garden borders a coastal lagoon in N.Ireland.
My friend who took the picture says it was a wader. My first thoughts were "wagtail" but she is familiar with them and says the beak was much longer and also says it had green wings.

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Green wings

The only wagtail seen in the UK to have green on its wings is the yellow wagtail, a summer visitor.
As well as a pretty distinctive colouration, (there is a very similar white wagtail, just to confuse people), the bird "bobs" up and down regularly. This is probably a camouflage behaviour found in birds that live by fresh water: in one species it is so noticeable that it give it the name - "dipper".
Pied wagtails have also taken to industrial sites, and also schools and supermarket car parks - where food is often to be had. One of the big oil companies used to use a photo of a pair nesting in an abandoned fluorescent hard hat.