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Mystery Bird with weird beak!

Observed: 28th January 2011 By: LordMuzzyLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in Birds

Hi, I saw this bird in my garden a couple of times over a period of a few days with a strange hooked black beak and managed to get a few photos. My personal thoughts are it could be a juvenile blackbird with a deformed beak, I have a bet on with two friends who think it is a juvenile thrush with a deformed beak! Aside from the bet I always love to be able to identify any wildlife I see so any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks

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Mystery Bird

This isn't a Thrush or a Blackbird with a deformed beak. As for the species it certainly isn't native to the UK. Sorry I can't give you an ID. Therefore it is probably an escapee from an aviary or such like

Please see my Flickr photo's www.flickr.com/photos/129804972@N07/

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Big Garden Beakwatch

It would be worth adding this sighting the site below...



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