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Observed: 1st August 2010 By: grandmajenny

This is the only one that appeared in the garden, and it was around for several weeks. The very clear orangy-yellow bar was very evident.

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Alophora hemiptera -

was my thought, but it doesn't look quite right.
Once Nowickia was suggested, I looked it up on the internet, and agree with that identification.

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Phasia hemiptera

The name Alophora was found to be a later synonym for Phasia, so the name is now no longer used, Alophora hemiptera is now Phasia hemiptera.

Phasia lacks the big spines and the boldly striped body seen in this fly. Tachina fera and Nowickia ferox are often confused being very similar flies. With photos, leg colour is the key, Nowickia has all black legs while in Tachina fera the legs are brown, at least on the tibia.

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