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Unknown Mammal

Observed: 3rd October 2006 By: rjdread

Seen on pier on Mull. At first thought to be a baby otter. Mink???

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American mink

Pink nose, chocolate brown coat, white patch under the chin. Unfortunate that they're on Mull - I didn't know they'd reached there.

Gill Sinclair
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Sadly so, Gill, and much

Sadly so, Gill, and much further N than that too. The good news is that work in the Outer Hebrides has nearly eliminated Mink (http://www.snh.gov.uk/docs/B730918.pdf), and another major exercise has gone a long way to clearing the NE of Scotland as well. They are a factor in the decline of Water Vole there. Plans are in place to clear Skye and other areas in Scotland.



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