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Moth identification please

Observed: 11th October 2009 By: Trisha
iphone pics 2009-10 374
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iphone pics 2009-10 375

Can anyone tell me the name of this moth please. I apologise for the photos - I realise they are not very clear. It was quite large, about the length of my thumb and the body was very furry.

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Thank you so much, I had

Thank you so much, I had searched on the internet for ages and so I'm amazed at the speed of your response. I have just read that it normally takes flight in May to July so I guess this one is a little late in the season.

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Although flight time may

Although flight time may suggest December Moth, the photographs do not resemble any that I have ever seen. In my experience they are much darker, the cross bands much whiter with a distinctly pale head.
I still go for Fox Moth.

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I've done a bit more digging

I've done a bit more digging on this, and can't find any species similar to M. rubi on, which is usually fairly comprehensive. Looking on the Norfolk Moths website, there are records of rubi from October, so it doesn't seem impossible that this is a wild individual.

In fact, I've reared quite a few rubi from wild-collected larvae over the last few years, and have had a few - 3 from c.30 pupae - emerge in October, without diapause, from larvae which were fully-grown in mid-August and pupated in early September.

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