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I need the help of identifiableness please?

I have seen a medium bird with all white feathers, a slightly long neck and a small, rounded head. I have asked the other people who saw it if they had seen one before and they all said no. I am stumped. I took a picture of it but I don't have a zoom lens so it is really blurry when I zoom in on Windows 7.



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Size matters!

Please could you define 'medium', perhaps by suggesting a similar sized bird? I have seen almost white (albino) blackbirds or it could be a dove, a gull, a little egret or an albino mallard. I'm sure someone will have better ideas.

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More information

It could be a melanistic (all white) form of any bird. A comparison of size, type of beak, tail type, etc., would be very useful...

Also, where did you see it?

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Not mealanistic -

that means dark! You mean "leucistic" or "albino", I think.

There is a recent post of an all-white blackbird: type "blackbird" in the search box and you'll be able to see it for comparison.
Alternatively, it could be one of several captive exotic species like a cockatoo.

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Try this...